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Yoga Breathing Exercises for Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Snoring is defined as the vibration of the structures that constitute the respiratory system resulting in some sound. The sound comes about due to the obstruction of the smooth flow of air when a person is trying to breathe while sleeping. The sound made may vary from unpleasant and loud to soft. Snoring is always believed to be a symptom of the obstructive sleep apnea.

What is Sleep Apnea?

This is a sleep disorder where a person breathes and stops. The breathing then starts again. Sleep apnea occurs typically if a person is snoring loudly and usually results in tiredness. Did you know that yoga breathing exercises can manage snoring and sleep apnea?

Yoga Breathing Exercises for Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Yoga breathing exercisesYoga is not only helpful in anxiety and stress reduction but also alleviation of sleep-related problems such as snoring and sleep apnea. The yoga exercises are useful in strengthening the diaphragm. There is improved flow of oxygen if the diaphragm is stronger.

Yoga exercises also reduce stress levels. A calm mind is a greater inducer of sleep. The yoga breathing exercises are cumulatively called Pranayamas. There are three techniques of doing the activities.


This technique is popularly known as the shining skull because the word “Kapal” means skull while “Bhati” is illuminating or shining. Very popular in cleansing the lungs, cranial sinus and other organs housed in the skull. Kapalbhati is useful in exploiting the forceful exhalations and inhalations so that the cranial sinus is functioning well.

Kapalbhati is performed by sitting down in a comfortable position and placing the hands on the knees. With t your palms open, face the sky and then take an inhalation that is deep.

During exhalation, pull your navel back. The navel should be pulled back towards the spine as far as possible. As you start to relax, oxygen will flow to the lungs.


women doing yogaIn some quarters, it is also called bellow’s breath. Bhastrika pays attention to controlling the breathing. It ensures that the inhalations and exhalations are done in lengths that are equal. The moment inhalations and exhalations are synchronized, the breaths start being deeper and longer which result in greater relaxation.

Bhastrika is performed by sitting tall and relaxing the shoulders. Few breaths are taken in and out using the nose. Every time you do inhalation, expand the stomach as much as you can. Then forcefully exhale using the nose for just a second. Repeat this 10 times and note the differences before you started and after finishing.

Nadi Shodhana

This technique is also called alternate nostril breathing. Hugely popular for those who want to sleep better. This technique helps in the clearing of circulation channels and ensures that the mind and body are relaxed.
Nadi Shodhana is performed by sitting comfortably and opening your chest. The left hand is placed on the lap and the right one on your face. The first two fingers of the right hand are placed just between the eyebrows. Take an intense breath as you maintain your eyes closed.

What Are Possible Ways To Overcome Obesity

Obesity or overweight can be a difficult nowadays. Treating obesity by diet is one of a two-part method for treating this disorder. Are you one of those individuals suffering from obesity or overweight? Are you starting to lose that confidence due to your weight?

Most possible ways to overcome obesity:

Dietary change and physical exercise


You can understand ways to overcome obesity easily. You can find methods to follow that make success lots far more probably. Obese people are growing in numbers each and every year. If obesity is taken care of, it can bring other illnesses that could have an effect on your well being for example high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac ailments, and a lot much more Obesity also can result in death. Dietary change is vital if you’re to take off excess weight. Physical exercise, the other component of your weight reduction strategy, is equally crucial.

Help from family and buddies

Obesity can make someone lose its confidence; they have a tendency to be alone by locking themselves in their room and do not need to mingle with other people. Treat this difficulty before it is too late. You can find ways to support you lose weight. Weight loss will take place a lot easier if each is performed together, as opposed to separately. Help from family and buddies is also an essential aspect of your weight reduction plan as one of the ways to overcome obesity easily.

Gain your confidence

Becoming overweight or obese can make you easily get tired together with your actions or routine. So usually do not let obesity ruin your day-to-day life. You have to do things that could bring back your confidence and can give you excellent wellness. It may also impact your well being should you usually do not battle obesity, it can bring other illnesses.

Take your medication as prescribed

If you are on certain weight-loss medication or medication to treat obesity-related conditions, including high blood pressure or diabetes, take them specifically as directed. Numerous folks are into herbal remedies than prescribed medications since these drugs are recognized to have negative effects, the reason why individuals are moving away from these medicines.

People who are obese and overweight face a lot of serious challenges whereas their peers do not. It is advisable to seek medical services. This is because its development leads to disorders and illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure. You can also be affected financially as a result of related expenses and costs.


What Are The Top Benefits Of Dental Implants

Dental implants is a very popular form of treatment nowadays. They last for a very extended period and functions exactly like your normal teeth. The best thing about dental implants is that they look real and natural. You don’t have to avoid smiling or speaking in public anymore. It is almost impossible for any person, to distinguish between implants and real teeth.

Top benefits of dental implants are:

Extremely convenient


If you are using dentures, then you need to take it out regularly and properly clean them. Doing that on a daily basis is tough. We either forget it, or we don’t have the time. But for dental implants, you don’t have to do anything separately. You can brush them just like your normal teeth.

Protects your jaw bone

When you are having a tooth removed, you are actually exposing that entire area to dangerous infections. If it is left like that, then your jaw bone will slowly start getting weak, and it will change your facial structure. Dental implants, on the other hand, are entirely attached to the jaw, and will promote healthy bone growth over there.

No cavities

If you use dental implants, then you also don’t have the risk of suffering from cavities. In short, they will have all the advantages of your normal teeth, but won’t have some of its disadvantages. However, it is still advisable that you brush them regularly.

Proper speech

Your speech won’t be affected in any way if you are using dental implants. Dentures sometimes slip up while speaking, and people may struggle to comprehend what you are saying. You may also face problems while eating or chewing. But dental implants are very strong, and there is no chance of any slip ups. You can comfortably enjoy all your favorite meals.

No replacements

In case you are using false teeth, then they need to be replaced every five years. But there is no such problem with dental implants. You can easily expect them to last throughout your lifetime. All you have to do is just take reasonable care and attention. 7. No damage to surrounding teeth: In the case of dental bridges, the surrounding teeth also needs to be filed, to give strength to the bridge. This may cause problems to them in the future. However, dental implants don’t need any support from the neighboring teeth. As a result, your healthy teeth are not affected in any way.